Two Moms Tell The Hilarious Truth About Everything From Poop To Nuts

Two moms tell the hilarious truth about everything from poop to nuts

Mothers don’t need another “how to” book on parenting. What they need is to know that they’re not the only ones who stand on the supermarket checkout line sharing potty training horror stories with total strangers.

You can find plenty of books, relatives, and therapists who are happy to tell you how to become the “perfect” mother. Cookies for Dinner is the antidote to all that. Pam Johnson-Bennett and Kae Allen are two mothers who reveal their imperfections and embarrassments through hilarious true stories. They bravely (or insanely) tell about how one unexpectedly learns the poop capacity of the average car seat, what to wear on Chicken Pox Island and what it feels like to have your toddler lock you out of the house while you’re wearing less-than flattering swimwear. There’s also the fact that no one tells you that your breasts will be treated like a fast food take-out window or that a ravenous infant can create more suction than industrial-grade vacuum cleaners. And, let’s not forget the appropriate technique for removing a crow that is found sitting on the diaper pail while you’re changing your infant’s diapers and how a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit can cause an otherwise rational woman to do strange things.

Johnson-Bennett and Allen are good friends but total opposites in their parenting styles. Despite their differences though, these mothers have both ended up on the same roller coaster ride of diapers, tantrums, separation anxiety, misbehaving husbands, sleep deprivation and what the heck to name private body parts.

Whether the reader is a young mother, experienced mom, mom-to-be, empty nester, grandparent, or still on the fence about becoming a mother, everyone can relate to Cookies for Dinner. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who will be, is now, has been, or NEVER wants to be called… mom.

Pam Johnson-Bennett is the country’s most well-known cat behavior expert and best-selling author of seven books, including the ground-breaking Think Like a Cat (Penguin Books), Hiss and Tell (Penguin Books), Starting from Scratch (Penguin Books), Cat vs Cat (Penguin Books) and Psycho Kitty (Ten Speed Press). She is a frequent guest on television and radio and has been the recipient of numerous awards. Her parenting skills, however, are still in question. Kae Allen owns an accounting firm and is a first-time author. She has a razor sharp sense of humor and has raised three kids who, so far, haven’t required therapy. She also throws a mean bowling ball.

Cookies for Dinner is published by White River Press.  ISBN 978-1-935052-51-7. The book is available through, other online book retailers, the authors’ website and bookstores everywhere. See our Media Room for a 300 dpi cover picture, author photo, or book excerpt.

Contact: Jessica Allen, Media Coordinator

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