Live More, Pay Less is giving Away $50,000 in Free International Calls with Free Lottery Scratch Off on Facebook

Live More, Pay Less is giving Away $50,000 in Free International Calls with Free Lottery Scratch Off on Facebook

Live More, Pay Less, an organization that aims to empower Hispanics by providing them valuable information and resources, has launched their Free International Call Lottery on Facebook. They are giving away $50,000 in free international calls to celebrate the launch of their Facebook community. Live More, Pay Less is a community who’s purpose is to assist Hispanic Americans in creating a more prosperous life.  They provide money saving and making resources to the Hispanic community.

“Live more pay less was created for the Hispanic community, knowing how much Hispanics love to call their family and friends in their native country we figured the lottery would be the best way to celebrate the launch of our Facebook Fan page.” 
                  -Cesar Pacheco – Director, Community Connections – Live More, Pay Less

Phoenix Telecom is sponsoring the Free International Call Lottery by providing Live More, Pay Less $50,000 in talk-time for the lottery. Utilizing their state-of-the-art prepaid calling service, Phoenix Pinless.

Everyone who enters the lottery is a winner and contestants can win up to $100 in free international calls.  To become a contestant and receive a lottery scratch off, simply become a Fan of their new Facebook fan page.

Live More, Pay Less was created to provide Hispanics access to valuable information and resources that will assist Hispanics in creating a more prosperous life. The community provides Hispanics access to:

  • Money saving resources that will help Hispanic families save money on telecom, groceries and other commonly bought consumer products
  • Educational information that assists Hispanic’s in increasing their income and growing professionally
  • Fun and engaging contests and giveaways
  • Simplified guidance through the most complex financial decisions, such as attaining a mortgage, vehicle, and saving for college

To join the Live More, Pay Less community visit their Facebook fan page and become a Fan. Once you are a Fan you will receive your lottery scratch off and you can play for the chance to win $100 in free international calls.

 “Our mission is to provide Hispanics access to information, resources and opportunities that will help them live a more fulfilling and empowered life. We aim to do this by teaming up with experts and organizations that help us achieve our mission. We don’t have all the answers, but we know how to find the people that do… We work with some very amazing individuals and in the near future we will be releasing programs that change the lives of thousands of Hispanics.”  

About the Organization:

Live More, Pay Less is an organization that assists the Hispanic community to create a more prosperous and fulfilling life.  The organization provides community members information and guidance for life’s most pressing issues, as well as resources that that will assist members in improving their current financial situation.

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