Label 34 – A local and international blend of designer t-shirts

Wearing the coolest, hippest and highest quality t shirts today is still an option at Label 34. The summer gives everyone a chance to unwind, relax and take a breath of fresh air. With Label 34’s latest line of tee shirts, they give everyone both young and old an opportunity to purchase the highest quality tees which brings out their ‘inner coolness’.

Why Label 34 Tees?

Label 34’s business model is based on the fact that finding a quality range of t shirts nowadays has become increasingly difficult. It is easy to buy low quality tees which quite frankly will at most last you a month after which it’s time to discard them. The majority of tees you find are also old fashioned i.e. their trend came and went a long time back!

Label 34 offer you a chance to choose from a top range of quality and unique branded tees imaginable. This is regardless of who you are and what your budget is. While many may believe that high quality tees are going to be very expensive we have ensured that this is not always the case. Label 34’s range of various types of tees will help you purchase something that suits both your pocket and your body.

They have handpicked some of the best t-shirts from a number of manufacturers. “We ensure that these are made from quality fabrics,” says director Robert Kramers. Consumers no longer have to worry about what they are getting for the price they are paying.

Our Own Brand

While picking up high quality tees from both local and international brands is a great way to sell products Robert realized that if they want to really offer the best they need to design and sell our own. Label 34 is currently hard at work developing their own brand of designer t-shirts which should hit the market by next summer. 

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