The Dummies’ Guide to Buying Presents for your Boyfriend

When your boyfriend treats you to a sweet, thoughtful, romantic gift, how do you know what to get him in return? Scouting the web for ideas is a good start, but it’s not always easy to decide on the right gift. With this in mind, we present the dummies’ guide to present-buying for your boyfriend. 


The main thing to remember is that it’s all about understanding what kind of gift your boyfriend will want, rather than simply what’s available to you. A lot of common gift ideas aren’t necessarily good ideas – predictable presents are no fun! 


So let’s forget about t-shirts and trainers and all that old nonsense and move on to some new ideas. Guys love a challenge and trying new things, and we have some exciting new gift ideas waiting for you – games, gadgets, computer bits and bobs, fitness and training gear, party treats and a even a few surprises. Let’s break it down:




Why do men love gadgets so much? It all comes back to a few basic characteristics: men love to catch others’ attention and gadgets can be a great secret weapon in their arsenal of cool. Every guy likes to show off his new gizmo and be a trendsetter among his friends.

Some of our neatest gadgets include the Wiki USB Beer Fridge, which is a computer-activated mini fridge designed to keep a beer at its coolest, and the Sternbodensteil Beer Stein, which is a classy German beer glass to make your guy feel like the coolest. For something less beer-related, why not spoil him with a remote-controlled Apache 3CH helicopter (batteries included!) which is small enough to use indoors, or the hilariously daft Boxing Grannies for some plastic pensioner punch-ups. Music fans will appreciate the electronic Finger Guitar or Finger Decks – they can start a miniature band on their desk!




Our outdoor gifts are particularly useful for hosting small outdoor parties with friends. The Hot Stone Grill andHotdog Rotisserie are great for culinary shortcuts which will basically cook the food for him but still let him take the credit – you’ll never see him happier! The Picnic Table Condiment Set makes a cute gift – mustard, ketchup, salt and pepper collected in a tiny wooden picnic table. Less cute is the Butcher’s Apron with its gruesome blood-stained design which will appeal to his juvenile side (trust us). If barbecues and parties aren’t the kind of outdoor fun your guy goes for, a massive toy tank will probably do the trick – the 1:16 scale Airsoft German Tiger fires BB rounds. He won’t believe his eyes.




When it comes to partying, everyone thinks of the same things:  music, food, booze, maybe the odd crazy costume, but it all comes down to rocking out and making some memories with your friends. The dummies’ guide presents a few less obvious categories for party prezzies: gambling, games room, bar gifts and more.

Firstly, the Wine Bottle Chiller works quickly to cool down wine bottles (obviously) but also beer bottles and tinnies of any size, which is invaluable at a summer party. Similarly, the Cool Shooters ice tray is a neat device that makes shot glasses out of ice(!) for super-chilled shots. Lastly, if you’re feeling generous, we have the Firkin Inflatable Pub– a blow-up beer bar which stands five metres tall! If your man is a serious party animal, pick up one of these and he’ll love you forever.




Finally we consider the kind of guy who enjoys a lively and active lifestyle. For the man who likes to walk, run, jog or cycle, we have just the thing: the awesome GARMIN Foretrex 301 GPS watch can keep track of his training in a variety of ways and upload his stats to any computer.

It can be hard to find time to get down the gym as often as he might like, so why not pick him up some training gear he can use at home? Most of our fitness items are fairly self-explanatory: Dumbells, Kettlebells, Hand Grippers and the Running Parachute will keep your chap fit and happy for a long time to come.


We hope our dummies’ guide helps you decide which type of gift your guy will appreciate!


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