Buying A Gift For Your Husband For Valentine’s Day

To be honest with you, as a male I don’t want to celebrate it, but when we men engage in a relationships we accept that we have to celebrate it. We do this for you (and yes you guessed it, it is Valentine’s day). Flowers and smoozy, fluffy gifts are fine for us to give to you, but don’t give them to us.

To show our love we spend ages ordering you the finest flowers, then we spend ages at the local supermarket choosing you the chocolates you will like the most, and then pick a card with one of those bears on that all women go mad for – all for you.

So for our efforts surely we deserve something that we want, just like we get you something you want. We don’t expect you to spend money on a card, it’ll just get thrown away…. Ahem, I mean we will treasure it forever but the more you save on the card, the more you can spend at It’s a Guy Thing.

Yes you did read that right, I want something from It’s a Guy Thing. Its packed full of things I actually want, so I recommend you, the love of my life, to visit this site asap and get me something. You can’t really go wrong to be honest as its got everything from fitness stuff, remote control cars, home casinos (yes a home casino would look lovely in the spare room) to everything to make a perfect lad’s night in. Although you probably won’t want to encourage a lad’s night in, I thought it was worth mentioning that although I do love you (from the bottom of my heart of course) us gentlemen do also enjoy nights in with the lad’s and It’s a Guy Thing does sell products that would make me have an even better time.

If you buy me something from It’s a Guy Thing, you will also be known as the best girlfriend around, and all my mates will know that you are the ideal girlfriend.

So the moral of the story is: give a guy what he really wants this Valentine’s day visit

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