It’s a guy thing – a purely gadget driven site for guys!

At last it’s here. The lucky ladies of this world have a plethora of girly sites to browse to their hearts content,  but the men out there are stuck with sections of websites or purely fashion related sites.

It’s a Guy Thing is the first site of it’s kind where you can buy gifts for guys, husbands, boyfriends , friends or just guys being guys buying themselves gadgets!

Upon visiting the site you  will notice that there is an auction. It’s actually a price drop  auction, recently made famous by Price Drop TV, where you can leave your bid till the last possible moment to steal your prize at a price that you want to pay. You can visit the price drop auction here.

The rest of the website is a fantastic mix of gadgets that only guys would understand such as toilet golf, and of course a multitude of remote controlled gadgets such as helicopters and sports cars.

For people that are looking for a Christmas gift for their man, look no further than

Beware, it’s addictive once you start!

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