Solar Guide: Sun Park Will Boost UK’s Confidence In Solar Technology

Solar Guide, the free online resource for homeowners and engineers regarding all solar-related issues, says the recent news of plans to build a solar Sun Park in Lincolnshire shows that the UK is embracing solar technology.

The Sun Park, to be created by Ecotricity, will be the first in a series of projects to build similar green electricity structures across the country, a move fully backed by Solar Guide.

The approval of the project is a big step in the UK’s bid to become ever more reliant on solar technology.

As reported on Solar Guide, increasing numbers of businesses and local authorities are currently leading the way by installing solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels on their buildings.

In November Nottingham City Council unveiled its own plans to install 160 photovoltaic panels onto the roof of its headquarters, in a bid to boost its green credentials.

Ecotricity’s Sun Park, meanwhile, will generate energy for 280 homes, and will combine the use of wind power technology.

With projects such as these being given the go ahead, it seems only a matter of time before widespread communities and homeowners take on the decision to embrace solar power for themselves.

In August the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) for the generation of renewable electricity saw a surge in interest for solar power among homeowners, businesses and communities, with each taking hold of the financial benefits of lowering their energy bills and receiving payments for generating their own electricity. An added attraction is the potential to receive more cash by exporting any unused electricity to the power grid.

Solar Guide founder David Holmes believes the UK is growing more and more confident in solar power, but insists more needs to be done to promote its benefits.

He said: “Homeowners in particular are still sceptical about installing solar panels onto the roof of their homes. That’s why projects such as the Sun Park are so vital. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they are also proving that solar technology really does work in the UK.”

He added: “It’s true we may not have as much sun as other countries in Europe, but combined with the technology of wind power, green technologies in the UK are, and should be, very successful.”

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