IDEAL Brings Magic Back and CTTC Applauds

Abracadabra…Poof! Canadian Toy Testing Council recognizes the value of magic tricks to spark children’s imagination and family interaction.

Poof-Slinky garners two Best Bet for 2011 awards from the Canadian Toy Testing Council’s annual list. The honour went to a pair of remarkable magic kits. Both kits use professional quality props designed for a child’s hands in mind to effortlessly pull off slight-of-hand tricks that will awe and amaze their captive audience. 

My First Magic Set, approved for ages four and older, is designed for younger magicians in training. However it can be enjoyed by all ages. The kit includes a bilingual instructional DVD and 13 tricks guaranteed to bring out the passion for magic in any youngster. Best of all, the friends of your little one will be amazed by some of the mind dazzling tricks like making candy appear in a box that seemed to be empty.

 Ryan Oakes’ Magic Show magic Set also received a Best Bet for 2011 award. With a 60 minute bilingual instructional video and props for 16 magic tricks included, this set will move older children and young adults into the exciting world of magic. Magician Ryan Oakes teaches tricksters 101 different magic tricks. The Ryan Oakes’ Magic Show set was created for the eight and older age group. 

The quality of the mentioned items hasn’t gone unnoticed with the general public and appreciative parents either. 

“…Got this for my daughter and she had so much fun learning her magic tricks. We had so much fun WATCHING her. Oh – and any toy that doesn’t take batteries, that doesn’t make tons of noise, that uses lots of imagination, and that can involve brothers and sisters is a GREAT toy in my book.” 

Numerous websites note the quality with customers providing glowing five star reviews. Some of these websites and retailers include, Chapters Indigo, Tru-Value, Shoppers Drug Mart and more.

The Ideal brand encompasses many children’s games and toys. From a variety of games to magic sets and more, this company has a solid understanding of what children want. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing select magic-themed items, it comes as little surprise this company has produced duo winners along with Ideal magic consultant Ryan Oakes.

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