Home Heating Guide: Keep Your Home Heated For Less This Christmas

Keep on top of your energy consumption over the Christmas holiday, says Home Heating Guide.

With Christmas fast approaching many homeowners are preparing to deck their homes with festive lights and decorations. And while it’s good to get into the festive spirit, Christmas is also a time when homeowners can neglect their energy saving efforts.

That’s why the Home Heating Guide, the UK’s leading online resource for homeowners regarding all domestic central heating, boiler and renewable energy-related issues, is reminding people to keep on top of their energy usage this season.

The biggest cost undoubtedly is down to our central heating systems. The winter period sees the greatest demand on our boilers over the entire year, as they are increasingly used to keep homes warm.

To cut back your heating bill a simple tip from Home Heating Guide is to place your heating on a timer.

It is also advised to have an annual boiler service carried out in the winter months, or even invest in a new condensing boiler, which will have an efficiency rating of 90 per cent or over.

Other ways to keep the home warm and save energy are to:

• replace your boiler if it is 15 years or older

• use a draught excluder on doors

• draw curtains and blinds at dusk

• turn your heating down by one degree

David Holmes, Founder of Home Heating Guide, says: “By carrying out these simple measures and others found on our website homeowners are sure to reduce the costs of their heating bills.

”It’s easy to overlook saving measures over the busy Christmas period. But by actively watching your energy consumption, not only will you have a warmer home for less; you could put the money you save towards something extra special this Christmas!”

For more information on energy saving tips for the home, please visit www.homeheatingguide.co.uk

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