Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold This Winter

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A new boiler is the best way to avoid being left out in the cold this winter says Boiler Guide

Heating engineers are always busy during the winter months. It’s the most likely time that a boiler will break down unexpectedly. But the sudden cold snap means many UK homeowners are being caught out by the freezing temperatures. The increasing need to keep our homes warm is putting more pressure on our central heating systems, and the engineers who service them.

To avoid any potential problems Boiler Guide, a free online resource for homeowners and engineers regarding all boiler-related issues, is encouraging people to invest in a new boiler. Experts advise that any boiler over 15-years-old should be replaced. Not only are new boilers more efficient, faster at heating your home and less likely to break or need repair, they can also save you money.

Older boilers are prone to faults and breaks, especially at this time of year when they are at the peak of their usage. To make matters worse, heating engineers are harder than ever to get hold of, and therefore will usually charge a premium rate should a boiler break in the winter.

A broken or faulty boiler can lead to costly repairs, and in some cases can be life threatening.

If left unchecked risks could include:

• gas leaks
• unexpected breakdowns
• higher than expected fuel bills
• carbon monoxide poisoning

New boiler models are much more environmentally friendly and can save up to 40 per cent off your fuel bills when compared to conventional boilers. High efficiency condensing boilers are particularly good as they convert more than 88 per cent of their fuel into heat, meaning less wasted energy.

David Holmes, Founder of Boiler Guide, says: “By investing in a replacement boiler homeowners can avoid any unpleasant surprises with their heating systems! The last thing anyone wants is for a boiler to break, but even more so when the weather is at its coldest. Installations of new boilers are both fast and efficient and a small price to pay for ensuring your home is protected during the winter.”

A boiler service need only take place once a year to make sure it’s working properly. Keeping your boiler in working order will not only help it run efficiently and safely, it can also cut down costs. One of the main problems typical with older boilers is that deposits can build up inside the boiler and heating system, reducing efficiency and creating higher gas bills.

Remember – a new boiler will greatly reduce the chances of a breakdown, giving you both peace of mind and more for your money. Get yours and avoid being left out in the cold!

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