Cherrypal Andoid Tablet Black Friday Cyber Monday Specials

After the successful launch of the CherryPad 7-inch Android 2.1 tablet computer (800 MHz) in October Cherrypal is offering the US MSRP $188.00 CherryPad for $ 168.00 for a limited time, plus shipping worldwide.

The CherryPad was showcased at the ARM Developer Conference in Santa Clara early November and was considered a very user-friendly and above-average quality tablet in the sub-200-dollar market by experts familiar with the tablet computer market.

Cherrypal also offers the CherryPad 7-inch Android 2.1 tablet computer with a donation commitment of $50.00 to the Education Wins (Edwin) Foundation for $ 218.00. This is the ideal Holiday present for those who would like to support education initiatives in developing countries and low-income neighborhood.

We will also make the highly regarded Cherrypal Africa 7-inch mini-laptop with Windows CE (US MSRP 118.00) available for $98.00. The Cherrypal Africa is small, not very fast, but high quality and does all the basic things you need it for. The Cherrypal Africa is very popular in developing countries but also found its fan base in North America and Europe.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials are only valid for orders received from Wednesday 3:00pm PST until Monday 12:00 midnight PST. Delivery on or before 12/22/2010 guaranteed.

Due to Cherrypal’s commitment that green computing should be affordable to anyone anywhere in the world shipping is $18.80 flat rate per device, no matter whether you live in the United States, Canada, South America, Asia, Europe Africa or Australia.

If you would like to learn more about Cherrypal’s work in developing countries and our unique design principles please watch our presentation at Stanford University:

Please visit for product and order information.

All Cherrypal products are designed in Palo Alto, California and manufactured in Shenzhen, Mainland China. We apply the highest quality standards and also make sure that our factory workers are treated with utmost respect. Cherrypal is committed to green/open/fair computing for everyone.



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