Opt-in Nature of Social Media Makes Brand Outreach Highly Effective

The opt-in nature of social media makes brand outreach highly effective because it enables a brand to engage with its customers in a more informal tone of voice than more traditional channels, to a consumer who clearly has an invested interest in what the brand has to say according to PR, Social and SEO agency Punch Communications.

Social media is unlike any other platform due to the active process that a consumer takes to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ a brand, unlike a website or marketing campaign in which the consumer plays a passive role. It is necessary for brands to use this to their advantage by tailoring outreach to suit the follower, they should take the opportunity to converse in a relaxed and casual manner, an approach which is not possible on any other platform.

Even though advertising has been proven to subliminally influence buying patterns and is arguably effective, social media facilitates the creation of a different, much more in depth relationship with consumers and specifically supporters of the brand. Social media is basically a cost-effective way of marketing a brand to a captive and engaged audience.

Emilie Legrand, Account Executive at SEO Agency Punch Communications commented:

“Social media is an opportunity for brands to interact with their advocates which means that the value of a fan represents more than just a figure – it represents the value of a consumer who has opted into a brand’s daily activity on social media. This makes social media outreach significantly more effective than any other form of outreach such as advertising.”

Punch Communications is an integrated Search, Social Media and PR Agency. Aside from offering traditional PR services, Punch Communications is a leader in Online PR. Not only a PR agency at the forefront of search engine optimisation, Punch also uses social media to enhance a brands online presence.


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