Vapor Stick Sends Shock Waves Across America

A significant 50 person study shows that new high tech electronic cigarettes are the answer for people looking to quit smoking. This research was conducted on smokers ranging from the ages of 24 – 53 and was carried out over the course of 4 weeks.

The breakthrough electronic cigarette used for this study was a 2 piece model with the atomizer built into each re-fill cartridge. This technology is brand new and been around only for the past 6 months. These newer version 2.0 e-cigs produce a much greater volume of vapor which gives the user the same exact look, taste, and feel of smoking a regular cigarette.

The conclusion was that over 80% of the participants actually claimed that this particular e-cigarette was an effective aid to quit smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Benefits
* No tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or ash.
* The same amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette.
* Cartridges cost less than $2 and are equal to a full pack.
* You can save over $1,000 each year.
* You won’t “smell” like a smoker any longer.
* Cartridges come in different strengths and flavors.
* Recommended by many doctors and dentists.
* No second hand smoke – doesn’t stain your teeth.
* Looks, tastes, and feel just like real cigarettes.

There is more good news coming today for smokers who have thought about quitting with the help of electric cigarettes. The United Health Organization concluded that “In the short time that electronic cigarettes have become popular, the actual number of people who were able to quit smoking and stay cigarette free have risen by well over 300%. No other methodology in the past has proven so successful in such a short period of time.”

There has also been a lot of buzz over the TV and Internet over this amazing new product and its ability to help smokers to finally quit. Four very well known doctors, from the popular TV show “The Doctors”, a US syndicated TV show, have shared great insight with us on the topic of the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette was featured as one of th

eir top 10 key health trends for 2010.

“The greatest issue with cigarettes is the 500+ other ingredients added, not just the nicotine. Do we recommend this for non-smokers? Of course not, but for current smokers this is the most revolutionary device to date” – Dr. Travis Stork

Thousands of people around the world have quit smoking using electronic cigarettes, and with constant advances in technology this new 2 piece advanced model is by far the best e-cigarette product available on today’s market, and gives you the best chance to quit. It offers the most vapor volume per puff taken as well as longer lasting cartridges, a longer battery life, and the same look and feel of smoking the real thing. This is the main reason why so many people are able to make the switch, and get off tobacco cigarettes for good. The company behind this product is currently offering a limited time promotion for smokers who would like to quit smoking using their revolutionary new electronic cigarette. Again this was the particular brand which was used for the study mentioned above. This is a limited time free trial offer of its all new 2 piece e-cigarette. 

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