People CD to Unite World Autism Community Through Technology

— John LeSieur, President and CEO of People CD, a technology company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, announced today the launch of an autism resource website:

As the number of individuals and families affected by Autism reaches monumental proportions, the need for consistent information, best practices, and support has never been greater! Currently, Autism affects 1 in 110 children, 1 in 70 boys in the United States and Canada alone. The strain placed on the economic, medical, educational, and social threads in our community threaten the fabric of established institutions.

In response, The Autism Advisory Board was created, comprised of more than ninety (90) volunteers from around the world, who have experience with various aspects of ASD. From members with Autism to clinical experts, parents of children on the spectrum, teachers, therapists, advocates, and business leaders. The Autism Advisory Board seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and families living with Autism, through technology. LeSieur, who has a grandson with autism himself, describes the need for a worldwide resource such as this and explains his vision for the website:

In the technology world, many great things are happening with collaborative technology – We must be able to create a community of people sharing their talents for the benefit of people living with autism as it affects 1 in 110 children today. My primary objective for the board is to unite the expertise of people around the world and make it freely available to anyone in touch with autism. Parents are too often isolated and need a source for information; our goal is to provide important information and ways to better work with professionals. The board contributes many great things: They participate in alpha testing of software created by People CD, bring tools, techniques, knowledge, suggest improvements, and provide support to the community.

The Autism Advisory Board is currently only available in English, but in the coming weeks, People CD will make this resource available in both Spanish and French. Visit the Autism Advisory Board members at


LeSieur, along with his company, People CD, is the creator of the “Zac Browser”, the first Internet web browser designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum. People CD also developed the “Tweens Browser”, which is aimed at young adults on the spectrum.


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