Search Engine Game Changer – Genie Makes Shopping Easy

Online shopping takes a major turn toward simplification and ease of use.

Wading through hundreds of search engine results to find the best price on products just got easy, very easy. A new, free application lets shoppers find the exact product they are searching for, at the lowest price on the Internet, with only one click of the mouse! Called the Shopping Genie, this memory-resident app remains invisible until an Internet search is made. The Genie then jumps into action and leads you directly to the best price on the Internet without you having to wade through pages of search results.

My Shopping Genie saves the typical Internet shopper 20 minutes on a product search, and saves an average of $200 per month by finding the best pricing instantly. To get a free copy of My Shopping Genie visit and click on “Get the Free App”.

MyShoppingGenie is distributed exclusively by My Net Universe, Inc. and is not affiliated wholly or in part with any shopping, auction or e-commerce website.


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