New iPhone App Helps Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Women are being asked to take charge of their health with the launch of a new iPhone application. In time to coincide with the National Breast Cancer Month, the app will help women of all ages become more breast aware.


The first of its kind, Dr K’s Breast Checker will prompt women to be breast aware, using unique interactive tools to help identify any changes in their breasts and automated reminders for breast checks. The application also provides important information on what to do if a change is found.

Developed in consultation with breast health specialists, Dr K’s Breast Checker is the latest tool to help women take control of their health and become breast aware.

Dr Kath Giles, an Australian-based doctor otherwise known as Dr K, came up with the concept for the iPhone application after realising there was a need to reach people more broadly with the breast awareness message in a way in which they feel comfortable.

“With the busy lives that we lead today, it’s easy to forget what you felt or saw the last time you checked your breasts. It’s also well-known that early detection of breast changes gives women the best opportunity for successful treatment if the changes are related to breast cancer.

“With the millions of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads currently being used, and with an iPhone application for just about everything, I saw an opportunity to help educate women on how to be more breast aware by developing an application with an interactive guide on how to do their breast check, as well as a mechanism that helps track changes found from previous breast checks, advising them to see their health professional if they find a change. It also serves as an automatic reminder for these women to be aware of their breasts, getting them into a positive health routine.

“With input from a number of breast health specialists, I believe we have developed an application which will be accessible, easy to understand, and provide solid advice to women on how to be breast aware. More importantly, it tells them to see their health professional as soon as they find a change.

Dr K’s Breast Checker iPhone application is available for download from iTunes for US$1.99. It requires operating system iOS 4 or above to work.


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