A Tradition of Giving Continues with New Call to Calgary Non-Profits

The Warm Hearts – ClearView Cares Charitable Giving Program reaches out to Calgary Health & Medical Services non-profits.

 For over a decade, ClearView Plumbing has been deeply involved in the communities of greater Calgary.  This commitment is firmly embedded in the  core values of the  company and exemplified by its corporate citizenship.  They continue to redouble their commitment to giving back to those organizations that help enhance life in their communities.

 They bring this commitment to life through their “Warm Hearts – ClearView Cares” charitable giving program.  This represents the next generation of their well-established Charity of the Month Cash Giveaway Program, supporting Calgary’s charitable organizations and non-profits.

 Kyle Lumsden, ClearView’s President, “Since the Charity of the Month program has been such a big part of our community involvement for so long, we are excited, individually and as a company, to continue this elevated commitment.  This is, after all, where we live and work and we are always searching for  better ways to serve.”

 Each month ClearView Plumbing features a spotlight non-profit sector and enthusiastically extends an invitation to all Calgary area charities and non-profit organizations within that month’s spotlight sector to apply for the $1,000 charitable gift.

 September’s  spotlight sector  is Health & Medical Services.  All non-profits in the Calgary area involved in Health & Medical Services are invited to apply by filling out the form on their web site at www.clearviewplumbing.ca during the month of September, or members of the community can nominate a non-profit serving the Health & Medical Services sector.  Charities may receive multiple entries, so refer your friends to our site.  A random drawing will be held at the end of the month and the winning charity will receive a $1,000 contribution.  Each charity can only win once during this program.                                                                         

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