Boiler Guide: Euroheat Launches New Biomass Boiler

Euroheat has become the first company to release a biomass boiler that runs on wood pellets and logs into the UK market with the launch of its new range of TDA Thermodual boilers from SHT-Austria. Boiler Guide, the UK’s leading online resource for homeowners and heating engineers regarding all boiler-related issues, has welcomed the new arrival and hopes the introduction is a sign that more firms are willing to start to look away from traditional oil and gas fire boilers.

The wood-burning appliance can be added to a central heating system to provide hot water and heating for homes and has no need for gas, oil or electricity at all.

Which?’s boiler expert, Lizzy Ruffles, has already reviewed the new technology saying that the boiler would be most effective installed in rural areas with limited access to gas mains.

Ruffles said: “If you’re not connected to the mains gas network, a wood heating system could be a good option for central heating and hot water if you don’t want to use electric storage heaters or an oil-powered boiler”.

The new boiler comes in a range of sizes, from 15kw to 40kw, and is capable of switching between logs and pellets automatically. That means when the home owners are inside the house they can load their boiler with wood, and if they go out it will automatically switch to burning pellets if the wood runs out in that time period.

According to the manufacturer, the Thermodual will hold 130kg of pellets and will run for 36 hours on automatic operation.

David Holmes, founder of Boiler Guide, said the introduction of this new technology added a new dimension to the market, offering even the most rural or homes the opportunity to have efficient central heating.

“It’s a good move for the home heating industry as it shows the market is willing to provide appliances for a select type of home but still maintain efficiency,” he said.

“Ultimately, there is going to be a growing demand for more traditional boiler alternatives with the government continually looking to go greener. This could be the first step in finding a potential alternative.”

Biomass is seen as a carbon neutral source of energy as it does produce carbon dioxide when the wood is burnt, but what is released is roughly the same amount as it absorbs when it’s growing.

“Biomass is a strong sustainable low carbon option,” added Holmes. “As long as new plants continue to grow in place of those used to fuel these boilers, the process is ongoing.

“You can use waste wood that would alternatively just be sent to a landfill site and if the wood is sourced locally it means less carbon emissions for transporting.”

Further information about boiler replacement and energy efficient boilers can be found at

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