Sony Ericsson Continues the History Between Pinball and Rock Music

Analytics have shown that players of the new Sony Ericsson internet pinball game are mostly drawn to the Rock music themed Emusicon, emphasising the long standing history between Pinball and rock music.

With a grungy looking bandana tied into long, shaggy hair, the Rock Emusicon embodies the characteristics of a front-man in a rebellious rock band, baring similarities to iconic singers like Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain and Steven Tyler. Over the years, key pinball manufacturers have developed popular rock music-themed machines so it’s suitably fitting that the most popular Emusicon to be used across the world on the computer pinball game is Rock.

The history of music themed pinball dates back to the 1930’s, when the industry was dramatically changed due to the introduction of electricity – tuneful bells and bright lights attracted players from the start making musical accompaniment an essential element of pinball thereafter.

Pinball designs and devices took a huge step forward in the latter half of the twentieth century, which paved the way for some weird and wonderful iconic rock-themed machines like Slayer, Kiss, Elvis, and not forgetting Tommy. The bond between music and pinball was wholly cemented after the release of the rock opera Tommy by The Who in 1969. The musical, which centres around a boy who has a talent for the game, is famed for the hit song, Pinball Wizard, and will forever live as a classic reference to the game.

Sony Ericsson has since brought the classic arcade game into the digital age by launching its free online pinball game as an application on its global Facebook page. It has maintained pinball’s musical roots by giving the player different music genre-themed icons, Emusicons, to choose from and the game is then themed around the player’s choice. The Emusicons are based around genres like Rock but also include eight others, including Pop, R’n’B and Samba.

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