New Deals From the Credit Card Market Signals the Road to Economic Recovery

The mortgage, loan, and credit card market tightened its grip on its money during the recession, but new deals coming from the credit card market show the economy is well on its way to recovery.

 –       New deals and offers being launched in the credit card market are a clear indication that lenders are no longer afraid to lend credit.

–       While these credit card deals vary from lender to lender, there are a number of solutions and options available to meet the needs of consumers.

–       MBNA currently offers a low 6.7% APR to the first 1,000 consumers to carry their new credit card.

When the recession hit the financial world, the loan market, mortgage companies, and credit card lenders quickly adjusted their business model, rules, and regulations to stem the monetary bleeding. In the last few months, however, credit card companies have been launching a number of marketing initiatives, promotions, and credit card deals. These have, once again, made credit cards appealing and financially within reach of average consumers.

With the economy relaxing, credit card lenders can once again afford to attract new business and lend out fresh credit. However, with the recession scaring many consumers off, many of them don’t realise these new opportunities exist. And this is really too bad, considering the financial savings and numerous other benefits consumers can reap from the situation.

“Credit card lenders are getting creative and generous in an attempt to attract new business. The first 1,000 new consumers who choose MBNA’s new credit card deal, for example, will be able to enjoy a 6.7% APR, which is unheard of in the industry for any extended period of time,” explained Sandra Waldorf, of

Deals like the ones provide can translate into a huge cash savings, particularly for consumers who are looking to make larger purchases now that things are returning to normal. Other offers such as interest-free credit card balance transfers provide consumers who already have debt with the most benefit. They are able to save the interest they would otherwise give to a lender and put it on the balance instead. This way, they are able to pay off the debt sooner and get their lives back to normal along with the economy.

To reap the most benefits, consumers need to find a deal and a card that matches their lifestyle and current financial situation. And in many instances, the credit card lenders are more than happy to help them find the right solution. Consumers simply have to take the first step.


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