American Pulse™: 7 in 10 Say BP Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing

Americans Weigh in On Middle East, Sestak, Greece and Facebook

American Pulse™: 7 in 10 Say BP Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing; 62% Say Obama Administration Hasn’t Done Enough For Oil Spill

As BP shares plunge and the U.S. attorney general launches a criminal probe into the worst oil spill in U.S. history, Americans don’t appear to have much confidence in either the energy company or the federal government to get the oil spill stopped. According to the latest American Pulse™ survey of 5,304 Americans, 69.3% say they don’t think BP knows what it’s doing when it comes to fixing the spill and 61.8% say the Obama administration hasn’t done enough.

Regarding Gulf Coast Oil Spill… (Adults 18+)   
                                           Yes    No     I Don’t Know
Does BP know what it’s doing to fix it?    12.7%  69.3%  18.0%      
Has Obama Administration done enought?     16.9%  61.8%  21.4%

Source: American Pulse™, May-2010

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With tensions escalating in the Middle East, President Obama also has big problems to grapple with overseas and many think it won’t be an easy road for him. 42.5% believe he has lost his influence in the region, 31.8% say he maintains authority and 25.7% don’t know. Further, 44.7% say international leaders don’t respect President Obama and his administration, 32.9% say they do and 22.4% aren’t sure.

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Other key findings:
• 47.3% say Rep. Joe Sestak’s claim that the White House offered him a job if he’d withdraw from the primary should be investigated and if true, someone should be held accountable…29.5% say ‘who cares; this goes on all the time.’
• 53.8% say their state should have an immigration law like Arizona…31.3% say it should not.
• 82.5% say U.S. tax dollars should not be used to bail out Greece and other European nations…5.7% say they should.
• 55.2% of Facebook users say they haven’t made any changes to their account as a result of Facebook’s privacy issues, 32.3% say they’ve changed their privacy settings and 11.3% have considered cancelling their account.

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