Ratedpeople.com Advises Urban Home Owners on the Importance of Their Garden

With government incentives revealed that aim to lower property carbon emissions, there is an increasing importance for urban home owners to make green changes according to Ratedpeople.com, the UK’s largest match making service for home improvers and recommended tradesmen.

You can make your home more eco-friendly no matter where you live. For city dwellers, measures such as adopting energy efficient flooring and wall insulation are great ways to lower energy bills and increase efficiency in the home, however many people often feel they are restricted for what they can do in their gardens to save energy and improve the environment.

Even though many city dwellers may not have acres of garden, there are plenty of things they can do to make the outside space they do have even better for the environment.

For example, using a garden or roof terrace to grow your own vegetables is one way to reduce your carbon emissions and saves you a lot of money. Recycling biodegradable waste in a compost heap is also better for the environment and gives you great fertiliser for your plants.

For those of us who are completely lacking in outdoor space Ratedpeople.com recommends investing in window baskets and hanging baskets for your door. Planting flowers will attract insects and bees who are vital in the growth and pollination of our food but whose numbers are in decline.

Andrew Skipwith CEO of Ratedpeople.com said: “With the government hoping to lower carbon emissions by nearly 30% by 2020, there is a real need for consumers to do everything they can to make green changes to their home and garden . This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. For those who are not very green fingered and require some assistance in the garden, home owners can use Ratedpeople.com to find a skilled and experience tradesman for a variety of green home improvements and pick the best based on customer ratings.”.

Ratedpeople.com helps home improvers find recommended tradesmen quickly and easily. You can choose from 24 different trades and find tradesmen such as local roofers, garden designers and floor fitters.

Every month, Ratedpeople.com manages over £30m in home improvement projects and more than 1,000 tradesmen sign up, making it the UK’s largest matching service for home improvers and recommended tradesmen. There are more than 55,000 ratings on Ratedpeople.com to date and its system ensures that tradesmen are only rated by previous customers who find them through the site. This results in one of the fairest and most robust rating systems on the web.

For further information on how to source a recommended tradesman in your area, visit Ratedpeople.com

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