Farmers Can Save Through Charging According to

Farmers are wasting thousands of pounds every year replacing the batteries of their seasonal vehicles – a cost that can easily be avoided through frequent charging according to, which offers a range of award-winning smart chargers covering cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

As many farming vehicles can be left idle for months at a time, their batteries naturally begin to self discharge and if left for too long without charging and conditioning, harmful stratification strikes – killing the battery. As a result, battery care and maintenance is of the utmost importance to ensure that vehicles start first time, every time maximising machine efficiency and avoiding the cost and inconvenience of fitting a replacement battery.

A spokesman for, said: “The maintenance of agricultural vehicles is of utmost importance, as they are relied upon to be instantly available and usable as and when they are needed on a seasonal basis. Their role in the production and preparation of crops and livestock can have an impact on the industry as a whole, as once a source is disrupted then this can have a domino effect all the way along the supply chain. As such, the care of batteries in vehicles such as tractors and harvesters is of paramount importance.”

One of the wide range of CTEK smart chargers available from is the Multi XS 7000, an intelligent battery charger that will revive, charge, condition and maintain all types of 12V lead-acid batteries.

Once fully charged, the patented float / pulse maintenance charge mode enables batteries to be connected to the charger for months at a time ‘exercising’ the battery to extend its life whilst maintaining it simultaneously, making it the perfect product for use on farm vehicles that are used infrequently or left standing for long periods of time – the charger is approved for outdoor use and can withstand temperatures as low as -20ËšC.

As well as being a leading online charger retailer, also offers a range of information to consumers, such as information on smart and trickle charger, as well as a short video providing an insight into the charging process.

For more information regarding different types of battery charger for cars, motorbikes and many other vehicles, please visit or call 0844 815 3600 to place an order.

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