Ecobumz Diapers Raising The Green Generation & Helping The Community

Ecobumz diapers  are raising the green generation while helping the community

— When Calgary-based Ecobumz Diapers owner Sheridan Sayer looked around for a good, reliable manufacturer for her award-winning cloth diapers, she did not have to look very far from home. Not only did she find a terrific manufacturing facility, she also discovered a great way for her company to support its community

Sayer found her manufacturing team by contacting the Women’s Employment Resource Centre (WERC), a not-for-profit agency in Woodstock, Ontario that provides free employment-assistance services for all women of Oxford County. Sayer’s cloth diapers, which are made with organic bamboo, are now manufactured by women who were seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce. It’s a classic example of a “win-win” proposition: Sayer gets the cloth diapers for her customers, and the women from WERC gain valuable job skills and the emotional stength they need to thrive on the job front. “Keeping our manufacturing in Canada and helping to make the lives of women more fulfilling is an honor,” says Sayer.

Ecobumz Diapers is a company formed by Sheridan Sayer, a busy Mom of two boys. “My little diaper company started quite by accident. I was on maternity leave before my son was born and suddenly had a whole lot of time on my hands. In order to stretch my reduced income, I decided to make a set of diapers for him to wear home from the hospital.” She explains further, “Before I knew it, word had spread throughout my prenatal class, and I had orders for diapers from soon-to-be moms, their families, and their friends. To make a long story short, moms using my diapers started talking – talking a lot – in their backyards, during playgroups, and on the internet, about my diapers. And now, because moms LOVE to talk about products that they love, ECOBUMZ proudly ships diapers all over the world!”

Ecobumz offers organic bamboo diapers in several colors and closure options. Visit to learn more about cloth diapering and to purchase Ecobumz diapers.

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