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Home owners with poorly ventilated properties should be wary of the problems that condensation can cause over winter according to Ratedpeople.com, the UK’s biggest matchmaker for home improvers and recommended tradesmen.

The way that modern houses are built means that the free movement of air is restricted. In the past, houses were built with high ceilings, exposed floorboards and fireplaces, all of which are outlets for air to get in and out of a property. Period properties were designed in this manner so that they could be allowed to breathe, as many viewed this as better for our health. The lack of space and change in architectural style in modern housing however has meant that these features of a home are often left out in its construction. This in turn can lead to condensation building up and, in more severe cases, problems with damp arising.

Condensation is created when warm moist air meets cold air, hence the reason that it is common on windows. The cooling moisture from the warm air forms droplets either sit on a surface until wiped away or evaporated, or are absorbed into it which can eventually cause mould.

Ratedpeople.com has indicated that home owners should take several measures to ensure that they do not experience condensation problems. One step is to ensure that rooms are warm and ventilated properly. However, the right level of ventilation is vital as an excess of air-flow through rooms will carry away too much heat, causing wall surfaces to become cold and resulting in an increase rather than a reduction of condensation.

Home owners can also ensure that when showering or cooking, the room door is kept shut and the window kept open in order to prevent the spread of moisture. Another option is to purchase a de-humidifier, which will serve to remove moisture from the air at a small cost.

Ottokar Rosenberger, Director of Sales and Marketing for Ratedpeople.com, said: “Condensation is a common problem faced by home owners in possession of modern and period properties. The source of these problems could be a straight forward case of poor ventilation. However, underlying issues such as rising damp may be the root of the problem, and home owners are advised to seek the knowledge of a professional if any mould problems persist.

“In more modern times our lifestyles have generally become much more focused on comfort; we tend to clean, wash our clothes and cook much more than we did in the past. These are all activities that induce more moisture in the air, so it’s important that this is kept under control. Using a dehumidifier is a great way of keeping moisture in the air at the right level.”

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