Credit Crunch Fuels Increase in Website Cashback Earnings

The number of registered users earning cash from mouse clicks on free cashback website British Rewards has exceeded 200,000 for the first time.

And with users spending more time online the website predicts that members’ individual earnings will exceed the UK minimum wage by the year 2010 – for simply entering details and clicking their computer mouse.

The record annual earnings for one user, since the website began in December 2005, already stands at over £7,500.

Now, with more than 200,000 British Rewards members choosing from over 1,000 retail offers, the website has revealed its highest earning members regularly earn free cashback in excess of £300 a month. A £300-a-month figure – equivalent to almost £4,000 a year – is realistically achievable for just one hour’s offer ‘mouse clicking’ a day.

With more and more companies like Amazon, Marks and Spencer and Currys choosing cashback marketing campaigns the website believes earnings will more than double in the next two years to exceed the £11,440 minimum annual wage.

Matt Lovett for British Rewards said,

“It’s incredible to think we’ve now got members making over £4,000 a year for what amounts to a series of mouse clicks. More and more businesses are switching on to the power of cashback marketing. And the offers are increasingly generous promotional cashback.

“Some of our members get 60p to search for an insurance quote! Others just 2p to search on an affiliate’s website. Either way it quickly adds up. Factor in the general increase in cashback earnings every year – and it’s not hard to see why we believe earnings will increase so much.”

British Rewards more than 1000 cashback opportunities. Simply by shopping, joining up to sites, searching or even clicking on retailers through our site members can earn free cash with no minimum withdrawl amount.

Matt adds,

“We’ve notice a definite increase in interest in our website over the past few months. But we’re predicting the real growth area for cashback earnings will be amongst smart people who simply use British Rewards to save on goods they want to buy anyway. It’s not uncommon to receive £50 back when you buy a new TV. But only if you use a cashback site.”

For more information about British Rewards, one of the UKs best cashback sites call 0121 683 6934 or visit the WOW Media website.

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