Logging in National Forests Continues

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Tongass National Forest

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In 2001, the Clinton administration adopted the Roadless Area Conservation Rule to prevent logging and road building in America’s 58 million acres of pristine national forests. The Bush administration persistently attacked the rule, however, exempting Alaska’s entire Tongass National Forest and attempting to weaken the rule nationwide.

During his campaign, President Obama said that he would be “proud to support and defend” the Roadless Rule, raising hope that the Tongass National Forest and wildlands across the country would again be safe. And in the past few months, the Obama administration has indeed taken initial steps toward full support of the Roadless Rule.

At the same time, however, destructive timber sales, in the works for years, are proceeding in the Tongass. Meanwhile, industry groups are trying to open up more of Colorado’s roadless lands to development.

What to do
Send a message urging President Obama to fulfill his campaign pledge to uphold the 2001 Roadless Rule.


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