World Health Organization Predicts 400 Million Deaths from Toxic Diseases


 Waters can help save you from many deadly toxins  

 By Dr. Robert I Bender, M.D., FAAFP

 LAKE TAHOE, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) 9/20/08 — 400 million people will die prematurely from chronic diseases over the next 10 years mainly from toxin overload, according to the most recent figures. The World Health Organization further states that “these diseases will include cancer, heart disease etc. making it worse than any other natural disaster or epidemic in the history of mankind.”

 According to many authorities at least 80% of all illness and disease are caused by toxins. Both toxic overload and a deficiency in nutrients place our cells in crisis resulting in disease.  Toxins and chemicals have been linked to many of today’s degenerative diseases including cancer, leukemia, fibromyalgia, lupus and arthritis. There is also a connection between toxins and chemicals and birth defects, pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, weakened immune systems and obesity.

One of the primary reasons for the alarming increase in chronic diseases is the barrage of toxins and chemicals that everyone is exposed to on a daily basis. Research shows that we are the first generation placed at such risk. Today, a new chemical substance is found every nine seconds of every workday. In the 1940’s, one million tons of chemicals was produced and today that figure has risen to four hundred million tons. Research shows we commonly come in contact with 4,000 ingredients, most of which are toxic and many carcinogenic. Toxins and chemicals are literally carried by winds around the world and there is no unaffected place on our planet!

In 2005 the Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition performed a study on 10 people testing their hair, blood, and urine for the presence of toxic chemicals. The study included six groups of chemicals including the plasticizing chemicals known as phthalates, the flame retardants PBDEs, the heavy metals: lead, arsenic, and mercury, perfluorinated chemicals like those used to make Teflon, pesticides, and PCBs and DDT.  Every one of the 10 people tested had at least 26 and as many as 39 of the aforementioned toxic chemicals in his or her body. This pollution in people came from everyday activities and products.  There can be no doubt that toxins are contaminating our bodies and threatening our health.  This study is just one of many that show that toxic chemicals in our bodies are cause for alarm.

There are ways to fight the tremendous toxin/chemical burden and avoid becoming a victim of disease! Where do you begin? How do you protect yourself and your loved ones? It seems overwhelming, yet there is a starting point and it is in our cells. Why? All disease starts in the cells. Cellular health coupled with a healthy lifestyle will dramatically improve your chances of survival! Your health regimen should start in the cells because cellular health is the foundation for health. Understanding this is the single most important step in insuring good health.




Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and each day millions reproduce in the body. Some are healthy and some are in need of repair. We are born with a component called glutathione (GSH) in our bodies and it is the major antioxidant produced in the cell and necessary for our immune system to function properly. The importance of glutathione cannot be overstated. GSH protects the cells from harmful free radicals caused by pollutants, UV radiation etc. As you age your levels of glutathione (GSH) are reduced. Today, literally everyone on the planet is suffering from an increasing toxic burden, further reducing the levels of glutathione which leads to disease or cellular death. You MUST insure that your cells have enough intracellular glutathione (minimum of 70%). If not, research shows that you will become a victim of disease regardless of age. This is one of the main reasons for the dramatic increase in disease among children.


 In addition to increasing levels of glutathione, our cells need intracellular water, which is another important aspect of cellular health. The body depends on water to transport oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Cellular hydration is critical for healthy cell function. Without appropriate cellular hydration, the toxins and chemicals are trapped within your cells enabling disease.


Another essential aspect of health includes lifestyle.  In today’s toxic world, you are constantly subjected to chemicals in your environment.  This includes the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the personal care items you use (toothpaste, soap, lotion, deodorant, shampoo, etc) and the household cleaners you are subjected to.

For example, the products you use that are rubbed into your skin penetrate the bloodstream carrying chemicals into your body. These chemicals, used on a daily basis, have a direct impact on your cellular function.  Household cleaning agents can also be a large source of chemical toxicity to every member of the family depending on the products you are currently using.

Though you may not be able to control the air you breathe, you can limit toxicity from your dietary intake, your personal care items and the household cleaners used in your home. 


Make no mistake, a hurricane of disease is coming and it is a category 5. Many are unprepared and are at risk, yet there are steps you can take to protect yourselves and your loved ones.


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Susan Jenkins contributed to this report

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