WHY WEIGHT! Funfit’s Heart-Healthy After-School Drop-off Program Comes to DC

The Only Fitness & Wellness Afterschool Programs For Kids 5-13 Created By a Childhood Obesity Expert

  Parents concerned not only with quality after-school programs but their kids’ health, now have Funfit to turn to, as a trusted partner to assist them in their quest to not only raise healthy children but set them on a lifelong health path.

Celia Kibler, a childhood obesity maverick and the founder


of the Funfit nationwide programs, believes that a successful and healthy school year is greatly helped with health-conscious after-school programs. More than 60% of American children do not participate in any organized physical activity outside of school and the obesity rate has tripled. Keeping these horrific statistics in mind, Funfit is offering DC area parents “Why Weight!” a new healthy after-school program designed to give kids a variety of group fitness classes to participate in of their choosing, a genuine strength & cardio workout along with nutrition and lots more. In one afternoon at Funfit, a child will burn approximately 500 calories or more through a variety of fun, energetic activities and always presented with expert instruction.

Why Weight! Features:
Your child’s choice of the day’s group fitness classes:
Kung Fu,
Sports & Games,
Belly Dancing,
Creative enrichment classes
Workout time on “the Circuit” strength & cardio equipment,
Nintendo Wii interactive gameplay,
Homework time, snack time
Organic meals made easy for kids, which the kids fix and then eat

All classes are under the supervision of Certified Personal Trainers.
Why Weight! Is offered as low as $75/week.
Monday – Friday 4:00pm – 6:15pm

Celia Kibler, who is often quoted by major news outlets as a resource on the subject of childhood obesity, is the founder of the Funfit programs. Her mission is to “trim America’s families, get the kids healthy and have fun while doing it.” Celia explains, “if you make keeping fit fun, kids will stick to the plan and grow up to be healthy adults, who will then teach their kids to feel the same about good living”, creating a healthier, slimmer nation.

The American Obesity Association reports that approximately 30.3 percent of children from ages six to eleven years are now overweight and 15.3 percent are obese. In addition, there are no signs of that trend reversing without a complete societal makeover and a new approach to how families spend their time together. Celia strongly feels that through fun and family inclusive programming that Funfit offers, families can begin to create a healthy lifestyle that their family can easily enjoy. Funfit Centers and classes are offered in the DC/Maryland area as well as in Colorado, New York and opening this fall in Florida. With more on the way, she can trim America’s families and bring them back to a healthier size.

About Celia Kibler: President of Funfit Inc. and co-creator of the Funfit fitness program for children since 1987. BS from the University of Maryland. Certified Level 3 Radiant Child Yoga Instructor, NESTA/PACE Personal Trainer Certification and IFA Sports Nutritionist Certification.
Past faculty member of Montgomery College Challenge Program teaching Health and Fitness to mentally and physically challenged adults. Invited speaker at the International Kids Fitness Association Conference (no longer active), Maryland Recreation and Parks Conference, as well as speaker on Teen Fitness to Prince Georges County Recreation in Maryland. Business member of the IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

To schedule an interview with Celia Kibler, contact her publicist Anne Howard by phone at 310-295-9578, or email at request@annehowardpublicist.com.

For media requests:
Anne Howard
Phone: 310-295-9578
Email: request@annehowardpublicist.com

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