What has been around Broadway longer than the Tony Awards?

Ernest Winzer Cleaners!

New York, NY(rushprnews) 06/08/2006 – While the Tony Awards will be celebrating their 60th year, they are newcomers to the Great White Way when compared to Winzer Cleaners, who has been the Master Drycleaner for the best Broadway stage productions since 1908. Family folklore has it that soon after Winzer launched their drycleaning service, they were processing show costumes worn by old time Broadway greats like George M. Cohan, the Ziegfield girls, Helen Hayes, the Barrymores, Laurette Taylor and Billie Burke. This tradition of keeping Broadway’s productions looking their finest continues to this day. Winzer is proud to say that on June 11th when the curtain rises on the best scenes from this year’s Tony Award nominees, it will also unveil the superb efforts of the company’s staff in keeping the cast members looking great for their appearance on national television.

Over the years, and by the popular demand of its clients, Winzer expanded their services to beyond theatrical work to processing street clothes for New York’s best dressed people, with and without an Actor’s Equity card. Chances are when you tune in to the television broadcast of this year’s Tony Awards, you will see one or more of the folks on the red carpet wearing something that was cleaned by Winzer’s Old World style craftsmen. Of course, the family legacy of providing stellar service, extends to every customer it serves, regardless of whether or not the power of their name gets them the best table at Sardis. At Winzer, every customer is a star.

Why has Winzer Cleaners been around so long, and why do they remain dedicated to the notion of providing star treatment to all their customers? “It goes back to my grandfather Al Steinhorn,” says Bruce Barish, the third generation to be involved in the family business. “He embraced the American dream and in his heart believed that all of us were created equal. So, for my grandfather, if you bent over backwards and performed cleaning miracles for the guy who wrote Yankee Doodle Dandy, you’d better be prepared to do the same for the guy he wrote it about. That’s the way he trained his son-in-law, my dad, Miles Barish, and that’s the way I was trained. Of course, he also told us we were blind and deaf to everything except stains and customer instructions, so our clients probably like the fact that their identities and their secrets are safe with us.”

However, Al Steinhorn’s lessons on personal service and the emphasis on mastering a craft and doing your best, remain ingrained in everyone who works at Winzer. “We’re an important part of people’s memories”, says Mr. Barish. “We’re part of Broadway’s history, we’re part of the audience’s experience and in many cases, their personal appearance. As my grandfather would say, ‘Winzer has a part in almost every memory a customer has, of course, he’d have to be dressed when the memory happened! And don’t you forget it!” It’s obvious Bruce Barish misses his grandfather and strives to fulfill his vision of what the company should stand for, but it’s also a pretty safe bet that Al is watching over him and everything he does with pride.

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