WFAS Board Members Spring Into Action to Rescue Abandoned Birds

The abandoned birds living amongst trash and debris at the vacant lotQueens for a Day!

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 25, 2008–When we got the call, ten hens and one goose were all that were left of the dozens of chickens, ducks and pigeons abandoned at a demolition site in Queens. The birds had been living there for weeks, but many had begun to disappear.

They had presumably been left by the previous property owner. A concerned woman and WFAS supporter found out about the birds and checked on them for several days, giving them clean water and food. “So far, each time I have gone; there is never food or clean water-and, from what I understand, people have been coming in, netting them and I guess eating them,” she reported.

When we got the news that birds were disappearing, we contacted our board members who sprang into action. They found the site covered in trash and broken glass. The frightened hens were being protected by a fierce male goose. Gently each bird was caught and transported safely to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, where they are settling in nicely.

At the farm, a chicken checks out the new digsUpdate: As of yesterday, the gander (male goose) is now happily living with other geese and ducks at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary who have a lovely pond for them and the chickens were just adopted to our friend, supporter and previous chicken adopter Laurie Ylvisaker.

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