War?, Global Warming?, Gas Prices….Be Cool Carpool

Los Angeles, CA (RushPRNews) 07/07/2008 – Gas prices hit another record today.  Reported to be over $4.11/gallon nationwide and over $4.45/gallon in California.  Gas prices are climbing and with it lifting people out of their regular commuting ruts.

At nearly $5/gallon, people begin to rethink the American symbol of Freedom.  These days you just might be mistaking the sound of the wind in your hair with the sound of rustling dollar bills as you nervously hand them over for gas hoping to fill your tank.  Well you can pray to some higher being …. or you can try something new.  Public trains, Buses…and ride reimbursed Carpool.  Did he say carpool?

Yes carpooling.  Modernet, Inc. has just announced the launch of their beta site BeCoolCarpool.com.  Initially slated for Southern California, the system is designed to accommodate sharing the ride anywhere in the US.  What makes this carpool site different?  Pre-negotiating the “reimbursement” of the ride…or in other words, the passengers share of expenses.  That is what makes the Modernet Inc site more of a desirable SoCal carpool site.  When Modernet set out to help Southern California Commuters, they took a poll on the attitudes of rideshare reimbursement.  In that study, Modernet realized that %65 of drivers are willing to carpool if there was a more simple way to exchange reimbursement.  And that led to BeCoolCarpool.com.

 Public transportation is great, and it really is better for the environment than driving alone. But if you break down the cost, taxpayers are footing about $500/month to move a typical public transportation user.  So if people had to pay that directly, they would rather drive… or at least invest in their own car.  Why?  Saturday night.  Even if you carpooled every day, you would still need a car to take the girl to the party.  But, you don’t need it every day.  And that is the whole point.  If we all cut back on our use of cars by 2 days a week, that would go a long way to reducing gas prices, calming inflation, cutting green house gases and helping to bring our boys back from Iraq.  But, please help the economy and your personal life and have that car ready for Saturday night.

Meanwhile, you might want to be cool and carpool.

Because it gets you door to door, and saves the taxpayers money. 


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