Want Want China to Launch Offering

Want Want China to Launch TDR Offering Tomorrow

Taiwan, (RPRN) 27 April, 2009 – Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) announced today that the Taiwan Depositary Receipts (TDRs) of Want Want China Holdings Limited (9151 TW) will start trading on the exchange from 28 April, 2009. Chinese and English abbreviations of the company,
industry, types of securities and quantity (units) are outlined in the Annex.

In recent years, TWSE has spared no effort in actively aligning itself with government policies.
By revising the laws, regulations and examination process related to listing, encouraging
overseas Taiwanese companies to return home to list and attracting quality corporations to
Taiwan for financing, TWSE has been vigorously expanding the scale of Taiwan’s capital market.
On 31 July, 2008, the Executive Yuan passed the “Program for the Relaxation of Taiwan Stock
Market Listing by Overseas Enterprises and the Opening of Mainland Chinese Investment in the
Taiwan Stock Market” as proposed by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).
As a
positive response to this relaxation of regulations, Want Want China applied to issue TDRs after
many yeas of successful operations in the Mainland China.

Want Want China’s TDRs will be traded on TWSE from 28 April 2009 and will be welcomed by
TWSE with a grand Inaugural Listing Ceremony to share in Want Want China’s achievement as
well as highlight recent developments in TDRs to domestic investors in order to enhance the
profile of TDRs and expand its market scale.

TWSE expressed that there are many benefits for overseas companies who issue TDRs in
Taiwan, due to “allowing companies to dual-list in two markets, making them more flexible for
financing”, “companies can issue TDRs without restructuring, sparing companies from issues
such as investment structures and tax planning”, “investment costs and tax burdens for investors
are relatively low”, “companies who adopt different accounting principles for their financial
statements will need to present an independent auditor’s opinion on the difference of accounting
principles and the impact it has on the financial statements” and “the examination process by
TWSE on TDR applications is relatively short, only lasting two months”. TWSE believes that with
Want Want China’s TDR offering as a benchmark of Mainland concept stock, more quality
overseas companies will be attracted to list in Taiwan.

The Inaugural Listing Ceremony will be broadcast through the “WebPro Securities and Futures
Markets Audio-Visual Website” at 8:20am on 28 April. For more details, please refer to the
TWSE website at http://webpro.tse.com.tw.

About Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation
Founded in 1961, TWSE works with the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) to regulate
Taiwan’s stock market, enhance market transparency and improve market infrastructure. It
currently offers trading markets for stocks, warrants, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Taiwan
Depository Receipts (TDRs) and corporate bonds.

For further details, please contact:
Gordon Huang – Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation, Email: 0350@tse.com.tw

Maggie Chui – College Hill, Email: maggie.chui@collegehill.com.hk

Name of Company: Want Want China Holdings Ltd

Industry: TDR

Existing OTC Stock Code: na

Type: Taiwan Depositary Receipts (TDRs)

Quantity (Units): 210,000,000

Source: RushPRnews

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