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immugoHollywood’s Best Kept Secret is Now Available in Stores Across America “Vitamin Gene” Arnold, “Vitamin Guru to the Stars”, Launches ImmuGoTM — A Powerful Health Formula for Immune System Support and Energy that’s Famous Among Celebrities 

Malibu, CA (RUSHPRNEWS)09/23/2008— Have you ever wondered how famous celebrities support their healthy immune system and stay energized while on tour and movie sets? The answer for the past 20 years has been found in The Vitamin Barn, a vitamin/juice bar and celebrity hot spot, located in Malibu, California. Stars are often seen there getting advice on vitamins and nutrition from owner/expert “Vitamin Gene” Arnold.

Vitamin Gene — affectionately known to his customers as the “Vitamin Guru to the Stars” — has been custom-blending vitamins and nutrients for his celebrity clientele. Among the many questions his celebrity customers would ask him, the one the stars most often asked, was how to support a healthy immune system while touring and filming. Vitamin Gene had the answer: a unique blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals called “Wellness Shots.”

Vitamin Gene’s wellness blend quickly became the hottest “star” in town. The Hollywood buzz is that a host of celebrities have been using it for years and swear by it.

The stars loved it so much they would constantly say: “Vitamin Gene, you have to share your immune blend with the world and make it available to consumers all across America, not just in Malibu!” Vitamin Gene took their advice.

Another “star” is born. Vitamin Gene created ImmuGoTM from his basic Vitamin Barn formula, but has made it even better! ImmuGoTM is a powerful new dietary supplement in a delicious orange flavor loaded with vitamins, herbs, and minerals for immune system support and energy. It contains no caffeine or alcohol. It’s “Immune Support on the Go” and it’s now available in stores across America, including Wal-Mart, CVS and Rite Aid. Additionally, ImmuGoTM features MaxShotTM intensive formula, which means you get an intensive ready-to-drink formula in a fast and convenient delivery system. It packs the vitamins and minerals you need in a small ready-to-drink vial- the first immune support product of its kind.

“I could not be more excited about the national rollout of ImmuGoTM and my celebrity clientele is thrilled that this is now available to everyone. My star-studded friends are big fans!” ImmuGoTM is the fruit of 15 years of research. “It’s my original wellness shot made even better,” noted Vitamin Gene. “And the word in Tinseltown is that ImmuGoTM is getting rave reviews!”

Vitamin Gene is pleased to announce that ImmuGoTM has been named The Official Immune Support Product of the Hollywood Movie Awards® and of the Hollywood Film Festival®.
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