Valentine’s Day Date with iPod or iPhone

This Valentine’s Day Use the iPhone or the iPod Touch to Rate a Date, Fake a Date or Shake a Date with New ‘Shake or Date’ Entertainment Application

‘Shake or Date’ Uses Real-Life Dating Stories to Entertain and Provoke Opinions about the Dating Games People Play

San Francisco, Calif. (RushPRnews) 04/04/09 — Margo Metro Corporation today announced the availability of its flagship product for the iPhone and iPod Touch, ‘Shake or Date.’ Shake or Date is a new interactive polling entertainment application ( that poses real-life dating scenarios designed to entice people to discuss and share opinions about their dating preferences. Groups can use the game as a social experience, while individuals can play the game for entertainment and to hone their dating preferences.

Play Shake or Date by choosing to date a male or female. The application provides a list of potential dates, such as ‘Charles’ or ‘Lisa.’ In Shake or Date, blue silhouette icons represent males, and red silhouette icons represent females. No pictures are provided, as the objective is to focus on behaviors rather than physical features. After selecting someone to date, the player reads the first date scenario. If the user likes the date, he or she can select ‘date’ to go on a second date and can keep dating through around six different date scenarios. If the player doesn’t like the date at any point, select ‘shake’ or take out some aggression and literally shake the iPhone ( or iPod Touch ( to shake off that date and choose another.

There are no winners or losers in Shake or Date. The application is meant to be a social experience where players express opinions about what constitutes a good date versus a bad date. Shake or Date lets players indicate why they chose to shake a date, or individual players can share their thoughts on each date within the application as well as read feedback from others.

Shake or Date is a collection of actual dating scenarios from six continents. The application covers common dating topics, such as age, religion, hygiene, work-life balance, education, family, dress-code, manners, and much more. By simulating various dating scenarios, players can safely engage and discuss the qualities they most want or won’t tolerate in a mate.

“As a single woman in San Francisco, I’ve had plenty of good and bad dating stories of my own,” said Margot Siek, founder of Margo Metro. “People feel built up and beaten down by dating, but in the Shake or Date world, you get to take control and make a clear choice to continue dating, or shake that loser off.”

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“Shake or Date is a fun game to play with friends at parties,” said Shake or Date user Jenny Lustig. “It makes you think about your dating ( situations in different ways and how you might advise friends to do things differently.”

The majority of people who have tried Shake or Date say they kept ‘dating’ within the application because they want to see what happens next. Even if it was a bad date, players wanted to know how bad it could get. Shake or Date provides a voyeuristic peek into other people’s dating lives. Because dating is a universal experience, players tend to become passionate about sharing their own stories and opinions which leads to lively discussions.

While Ms. Siek has gathered the first edition of dating stories in Shake or Date from many daters across the world, Shake or Date players will be able to contribute to the next version of the application by submitting their stories to the Margo Metro Web site at or the Shake or Date Web site at The Margo Metro team will sort through the submissions and choose the best ones for the next version of Shake or Date. Now any Shake or Date player can turn a bad date into a good date because a bad date is just another story submission.

Shake or Date is available immediately for download from the Apple App Store. The application costs US $4.99, or about half the cost of a Martini, and currently only runs on the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

About Margo Metro:

Margo Metro produces social-experience games and entertainment applications about dating life. The company’s flagship product, Shake or Date, is a mobile entertainment application available for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Margo Metro was founded in 2008 by Margot Siek. For more information, visit


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