U.S. Navy Bringing Back Ear-Splitting Sonar Systems Against Federal Ruling

WhalesU.S. Navy Bringing Back Low-Frequency Active (LFA), an Ear-Splitting Sonar Systems Against Federal Ruling
MegaStar Pierce Brosnan Speaks Up Against it!

New York, NY (rushprnews) July 23, 2007 -July 24 is the deadline to submit Official Citizen Comments to protect whales against the Bush Administration's plan to unleash an onslaught of Low-Frequency Active (LFA) sonar throughout the world's oceans.

Watch the video narrated by Pierce Brosnan at http://www.savebiogems.org/multimedia/video_pop_whales.html

The American people have rejected it. The federal courts have ruled against it.

But the U.S. Navy won't take NO for an answer. It's bringing back a sonar system so powerful it can impact whales 300 miles away with its ear-splitting noise. Its effects are so far-reaching — and so unknown — it could threaten the survival of entire populations of marine mammals.

Right now the Navy wants to deploy this LFA sonar system across a staggering 70 percent of the world's oceans.

Submit Your Official Citizen Comment before tomorrow's deadline.

It is critical that we send the Bush Administration a message loud and clear that we will NOT let them play a terrifying game of Russian Roulette with our planet's oceans.

LFA sonar can deafen, maim and kill whales. But scientists are even more alarmed at its potential impacts on whale migration, feeding, mating and communication — in other words, the biological keys to the survival of whale species.

Five years ago, NRDC won a dramatic courtroom victory blocking global deployment of this dangerous sonar system just as the Navy was about to launch operations. Since then, the Navy's training with LFA sonar has been limited to one remote area.
But now the Navy is back with the same reckless proposal for worldwide testing and training.

And, shockingly, the National Marine Fisheries Service is once again giving the Navy a permit to harass or injure hundreds of thousands of marine mammals each year that get in the way of its sonar.

Send a Citizen Comment right now telling the Bush Administration you will not accept this massive acoustic assault on our planet's oceans.

Today and tomorrow are critical days for the world's whales. With only two days to respond, we're counting on you to help deluge the administration with a tidal wave of outrage at this dangerous proposal.

Help NRDC stop the deployment of this technological menace before its deafening noise is unleashed on our planet's fragile oceans and wildlife.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

RUSH PR NEWS is a proud supporter of the NRDC. Donate generously.

Anne Howard


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