TS2 Presents New BGAN Modems For Global Satellite Communication

A must-have for army and navy personnel, travelers to exotic locations, governments, journalists, foreign correspondents, international business (US, Africa, Asia, Europe)

Warsaw, Poland (RushPRnews) 01/07/09 -TS2 Satellite Technologies, a provider of global satellite access services knows the world is your office, and knows no boundaries. TS2 has expended it line to include a wider range of terminals such as Thrane and Thrane Explorer 110/ 300/ 500/ 700, Hughes HNS 9201 and Wideye SABRE 1. These devices are designed for individuals and companies who require mobile communications while working or operating in areas that have no cellular networks or ground-based telecommunications, such as foreign correspondents, the navy and army personnel.

Each BGAN modem is very portable and easy to setup – a simple plug and play mechanism that comes with user friendly graphical user interface. TS2 Satellite Technologies specializes in providing global satellite access services. TS2 new offer includes now all available terminals such as Thrane and Thrane Explorer 110/ 300/ 500/ 700, Hughes HNS 9201 and Wideye SABRE 1.

BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) satellite two-way (upload/download) modem is a small laptop-sized device which weighs less than a kilogram (T&T Explorer 110) and which ensures transfer and reception of files of any size within a satellite network from almost any place on Earth, up to 492 Kbit/s. Equipped in USB, WLAN, Bluetooth and ISDN – BGAN makes a control unit or communications center with a decision centre in any place in the world. On land, water, or in the air, both high in the mountains and on deserts – BGAN makes your portable office ready for work within minutes.

BGAN terminals are ideal for foreign correspondents, soldiers, crisis management units, police, fire brigades, emergency services and other safety services. Travelers, participants of exotic expeditions, extreme sports lovers, sailors and officers of international organizations all over the world also form a numerous group of users.

The new technology can be used for communications even in most extreme weather conditions. The terminal is resistant to water, humidity, shock, dirt and temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +80 ºC. Its additional accessories such as a solar panel, car antenna or power generating unit eliminate additional limitations. Its user-friendliness and possibility to connect several computers and other compatible devices to one modem make it suitable for use in countless situations.

TS2 Satellite Technologies deliver BGAN services for US Army soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most soldiers deploy with a laptop in hand and a hookup to the Internet in their barracks. The internet access has resulted in major morale improvements. Troops no longer feel cut off from home. This is especially important for the many who are married, and have young children.

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