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getting fitTrim your waistline, not your wallet with Celia’s Health Tips- Combat Obesity with Funfit Nationwide

 Washington-DC-(RushPRnews) 12/17/2008 – The increase in the cost of living is not only a result of the fiscal crisis but directly linked to obesity in America. Moreover, it affects everyone; even the trim and healthy individuals pay a price. Obesity is now a leading cause of death among the public and is unfortunately on the rise with our American youth. Furthermore, according to the US Surgeon General, there is currently an epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States that includes nine million children over the age of six, and parents are increasingly looking for ways to help their children walk down a healthier path, along with them, to benefit the whole family and the pocketbook.

Celia Kibler, the founder of Funfit fitness family programming, who has been featured in numerous articles addressing the problem of obesity,has a mission, to trim America, get our kids healthy and as most importantly, save money while getting healthy! Celia explains, “By being even slightly overweight your cost of living increases and it has a snowball effect on the general public”.

Among the factors to consider, she lists the followings:
• Price of insurance and medical bills increase, because of the need for increased and continuous medical care as weight increases
• Price of gas. The heavier you are, the more gas your vehicle will use per mile.
• More consumption of gas, since overweight individuals are more likely to drive their cars even for short local trips, due to the discomfort and exhaustion when walking
• Clothing. Size+ brands usually charge more for the same item in the smaller line.
• Airline tickets. Airline companies are now charging travelers who are large the price of two tickets to accommodate their seating needs.
• Grocery bills. Food is consumed in larger quantities. More expensive frozen and prepared foods are used instead of whole, healthier fresh foods.

Celia also points out that since obesity is a family problem, in most cases there is more than one overweight individual within the same family, lifestyle issues must be addressed. The cost is tremendous for a family, not only economically but also emotionally. Celia offers individualized nutrition guidance that complements her fitness programs and lead to a healthy family lifestyle the give her students the means to maintain a positive self-image.

Since the beginning, Celia has been focusing on offering affordable, family-inclusive fitness programs where every family member feel welcome and encouraged to pursue an exercising plan.

Kayla Pace, a six year-old from Rockville, Maryland and a regular at Funfit had this to say, “I like Funfit mostly because it is fun. I like the kids and they all treat me nice.” In other words, being in a non-judgmental and supportive environment encourages Kayla to pursue a healthier path. Her mother, Kelly Pace goes on by saying “Funfit always keeps Kayla active. It’s a great workout that she can always do no matter what the weather is, as the classes are year round and held indoors. Funfit classes are reasonably priced and there are never any long-term commitments. Kayla has a slight weight problem and the kids in school are often mean to her. The best thing about Kayla’s Funfit class is that she always feels good about herself, the Instructor and kids are great and she keeps a positive self image.” Kelly is also a member of Funfit and exercises there regularly too. Therefore, setting a positive example for her daughter, which is crucial for the child’s development.

The American Obesity Association reports that approximately 30.3 percent of children from ages six to eleven years are now overweight and 15.3 percent are obese. In addition, there are no signs of that trend reversing without a complete societal makeover and a new approach to how families spend their time together. Celia strongly feels that through her fun and family inclusive Funfit programs and Centers now open not only in the DC/Maryland area but also in New York and Louisiana and more on the way, she can Trim America and bring it back to a healthier size. Plus as an added benefit we all might just save money too!


Celia Kibler, President of Funfit Inc. and co-creator of the Funfit fitness program for children since 1987. BS from the University of Maryland. Certified, Level 2, Radiant Child Yoga Instructor. Past faculty member of Montgomery College Challenge Program teaching Health and Fitness to mentally and physically challenged adults. Invited speaker at the International Kids Fitness Association Conference (no longer active), Maryland Recreation and Parks Conference, as well as speaker on Teen Fitness to Prince Georges County Recreation in Maryland. Business member of the International Dance Exercise Association. She is also a certified Level 3 Radiant Child Yoga Instructor. Other certifications include NESTA/PACE Personal Trainer Certification and IFA Sports Nutritionist Certification.

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