Tonight: The First Debate- McCain & Obama Are On

The moderator, anchor Jim Lehrer of the Public Broadcasting service

by Christopher Hass

Mississippi,(RUSHPRNEWS)09/26/2008-We learned late this morning that tonight’s presidential debate will proceed as planned, with both candidates in attendance. As Barack explained earlier in the week, in the face of the ongoing financial crisis, tonight’s debate is more important than ever. In a press conference on Wednesday, Barack stated:

This is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess… In my mind, it’s more important than ever that we present ourselves to the American people and try to describe where we want to take the country and where we want to take the economy.

Tonight’s debate will be broadcast live from the University of Mississippi, starting at 9 PM EDT.

This an important moment, and a great opportunity to bring people together, talk about the issues, and build this movement for change. There are over 5,000 debate watch parties planned in communities across the country tonight. There is still time to find a watch party near you and share in this moment with friends, neighbors, and fellow supporters.  Find a party

Rush PR News adds:

The moderator, anchor Jim Lehrer of the Public Broadcasting service, will want to steer the discussion tonight toward foreign policy, which is said to be the strong suit of the Republican nominee, a third-generation graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and son and grandson of admirals, a retired Navy captain who spent five and half years as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, and, in his second career of public service, a member of Congress for the better part of 26 years who has traveled the world.

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