The Top 5 Reasons To Use PR In The Recession

 — Punch Communications, a boutique PR Agency based in the midlands, has identified the top 5 reasons for companies to use Public Relations services during the recession:

1. Audiences still consume information through the media, regardless of economy – the

economy isn’t going to stop people reading the media. People need a source of information on an ongoing basis, and the introduction of the internet has lead to real time media that cannot be ignored. Building a presence within the content they are reading is the best way to reach out.

2. PR achieves better results than advertising – The internet is a great field for public relations to get results. New areas of technology PR such as blogger relations and search engine optimisation are cutting edge ways for a business to get ahead of the competition in the online world. Communication with key commentators of a specific industry can have a widespread effect on the reputation of a business on the internet, and even a simple mechanism such as a company blog can send a message out all over the web.

3. PR reaches out in a better way than Advertising – PR ensures that a complete, coordinated message is portrayed in the media, and removes the risks held by advertising. It is very easy for an advert to be misconstrued, but good PR gives a clear concise message that harnesses a company’s ideals and visions, whilst maintaining a constant flow of outgoing information.

4. PR tells success stories – People want positive news in a recession and PR is a great way to provide it. If the news coming from a company is positive, it will be seen in a positive light.

5. Communication with key audiences is now even more important – it is important to ensure that key audiences stick by a company during the recession, as they are ultimately the key to its survival. Keeping them engaged will ensure that business is not lost.

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