The latest innocent victim of Bush’s Economy: Our Pets

by John Trevisani

WASHINGTON, DC (RUSHPRNEWS) 12/22/08–Our nation’s pets have become the latest, in a long line of innocent victims, to be caught in the middle of this economic mess. A growing number of cats and dogs are being abandoned by their owners because they can’t pay their bills, as reporter by the Star Tribune.  

This nation’s pet owners have already cut back in several areas during an economic slowdown, from combining local trips to the grocery store to save on fuel to the ‘staycations’ that families decided on this summer. But a real telling effect of Bush’s economy (where the war economy will pay for everything) comes from the scores of pets roaming our nation’s streets or being donated to local rescue shelters. People are giving up their family pets in order to pay their bills.

There’s also a local government effect too; local SPCAs are now inundated with the overcrowding in their facilities. Local municipalities that capture the former family member are overworked and the cost of supporting both are soaring.

There are some animal rescue organizations that have a ‘no kill’ policy, but the reality is that most of the cats or dogs captured or donated will be euthanize. Also, SPCA workers have noticed that it’s taking much longer for pets to be adopted. So the fact that more pets are coming in and less going out means that more pets will be killed.

There are many hard choices made by many families throughout this country; a couple years ago it was the decision between having health care for your family or putting food on the table. It shouldn’t come down to a choice between feeding your family or having a pet.


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