TAX ID Search “BATCH-MATCH” EIN Search Verification Service

New TAX ID Search “BATCH-MATCH” EIN Search & Verification Service 

Palm Coast, FL (RUSHPRNEWS) October 22 2007 www.FEINSearch.Com  can now Match Append your client account or application files against our massive US Business file of 16.8 million records as well as enhance and verify EIN Numbers or TAX ID Numbers of any business in the nation. Our TAX ID Database or EIN FINDER has over 11 million records – the largest EIN Database or TAX ID Lookup service in the United States. Matching is done through proprietary computer algorithms .

Through our web portal,, Client Firms can also verify Charitable Entity status, including Assets and Liabilities as file with the Internal Revenue Service. is owned by, a 15 year old database compiler. 

The companies proprietary “EIN BATCH-Match” service quickly and accurately appends business data and EIN NUMBERS to your input file of any size. Certain technical formats are required, however most BETHC-Match processing can take place in as little as 24 hours. 

Items appended Can include: 

EIN or TAX ID NumberCharitable IRS 990 Registered 501(c)3 Entity VerificationSIC CodePhone and Fax Numbers where availableUpdated NCOA – Cass Certified AddressesURLEmail addresses for key executivesYear BeganNumber EmployeesSales Size and RevenueTicker SymbolStore HoursCompany Description or KeywordsPension Amounts, Underwriter, Administrator and ValuesMore – just inquire 


FEINSearch.Com BATCH-MATCH service can also screen and append useful Investigative and Pubic Records Details valuable in avoiding problem accounts, suspect accounts and uncovering hidden facts and public records the every Financial Insitution should  “Know about their Clients” under the USA PATRIOT ACT. Verifying Identity, application details and Officer & Entity credentials is a requirements under the USA Patriot ACT 

Examples of Valuable fields that Portal can verify, uncover and locate in our BATCH MATCH “UNCOVER” Append system include:

To discuss your Batch-Match or Business Data Append application requirements, please contact FEIN Search.Com at 800-299-8280. 

The EIN Database Portal – FEINSearch.Com is searchable in a flexible “Google” type Booleansearch or by Company name, State, or keyword search. FEIN Searc.Com returns resultsfeaturing useful business data such as; Name, Address, SIC, NAICS, Phone, EIN Number, URL,Description, Officer Name and other data where available. The Portal also offers a quick easyEIN Reverse Query, and PHONE Query – search by Phone Number.

The parent company,NOBLE Ventures also compiles one of the nations largest BUSINESS Databases. The EIN Datais compiled from Form 5500 filings filed with the US Dept of Labor and the IRS Form 990 Formsfiled by Non Profit entities as well as dozens of other sources.Sample uses of the FEINSearch.Com Database include
• Locate / Verify TAX ID EIN information for W-9 Forms• Verify entity Tax Payer Status as For-Profit or Not-for Profit
• Comply with requirements of the USA Patriot Act to “Know your Customer” and verify accountholder information for Business Entities and Trusts as well as NON-Profit entities.
• Useful to Financial Planners and Accountants in locating proper EIN Numbers and locatinggood prospects for Pension & Retirement Planning and Account clients required to file forms withGovernment Agencies Essential to Importers and Exporters and Shipping / Package companies where Customs formsrequire the TAX ID or EIN on government documentation.
• FEINSearch.Com is a useful tool to State and Federal Contracting Officers, CorporateInvestigators, Compliance Agents and Law Enforcement agencies.The EIN Database FEINSearch.Com will offer subscription service access to its Portal 24/7 usingtiered volume based subscriptions.

The Company will also offer its proprietary “BATCH-MATCH”service for overnight Appending or verification of large files. Appended Data may include: EIN,address, updated data, Officers, Contacts, Phone, Fax, SIC, URL, Description, # Employees,Sales Revenue, MasterCard/Visa, Hours or other valuable information as available.

Qualified users of the FEIN Database are invited to Register at and runup to 3 searches without charge.  

Corporate Summary NOBLE Ventures compiles and maintains dozens of consumer and business databases forCompliance, Analytics and Direct Marketing applications. The Databases are created from over17 Federal and over 42 States sources of public record data as well as private data purchases.NOBLE Ventures has been in business over 13 years and acts as a sources compiler formarketing campaigns benefiting many of the nations largest marketers. NOBLE VenturesPresident, Robin C Lahiri holds a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania and is analumnus of Valley Forge Military Academy. FEINSearch.Com is a private entity and not affiliatedwith any state or federal government.
Contact InformationBeth Bruner, NOBLE MEDIA, Div. NOBLE Ventures.Com,POB 352109, Palm Coast FL 32137 (386) 986-1844

TARGET AUDIENCE:Financial Risk Managers, Accountants, CPA’s, Lawyers, Government and State Contractingagencies, Law Enforcement, Attorney General Offices, Business Publications, Non Profitwatchdogs, Charity Watchdogs, Compliance Officers, Anti Money Laundering (AML) units, NewAccount verification offices, Corporate Lenders


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