Tar Sands: Canada’s Energy Playground? Or a Giant Kitty Litter Box?

TAR SANDSNEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 18, 2008–Frances Beinecke calls for presidential and congressional leadership and support for clean energy innovation in a Washington Post Letter to the Editor regarding NRDC’s Snake Oil ad. Liz Barratt-Brown emphasizes that tar sand investments only serve to take “us in the wrong direction” while impeding attempts to address global warming in Buffalo News.

On ABC7 in San Francisco, Sarah Janssen expresses concerns about EPA’s failure to properly regulate BPA and rebukes the agency for failing to use good science to evaluate the dangers of BPA in the first place…

Henry Henderson draws attention to NRDC’s concerns about a federal water bill due to protect great lakes from invasive species and abusive water use in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel… In the Orange County Register Damon Nagami criticizes San Onofre toll road proponents for twisting the science and promoting unproven plans in their attempts to get the toll road built… Gothamist.com reports that an AC bill requiring large stores to keep their doors shut in summer has passed; the article carries 3 photographs by NRDC, and a prominent link to AC efficiency tips by SimpleSteps.org…


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