Surprise Surprise Bigfoot’s Remains Revealed to be Fake

BigfootBigfoot ‘discovery’ confirmed as fake Creature’s ‘remains’ turn out to be rubber gorilla suit in block of ice.

ATLANTA,GA (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 20, 2008–American hoaxers used a rubber gorilla suit frozen in a block of ice to pretend they had found the remains of Bigfoot, it was revealed today.Two men claimed last week that they had found the body of Bigfoot in the woods of Georgia.

The 2.3m (7ft 7in) “corpse”, encased in ice, was sold to Tom Biscardi, a Bigfoot tracker, for an undisclosed sum after he was shown a DNA sample purported to have been taken from the remains.

Pictures were posted on the Searching for Bigfoot website.

During the thawing process, Bigfoot experts noticed that part of the creature’s head was “unusually hollow”, and their suspicions were confirmed when the ice melted to reveal a rubber foot.

In 2005, Biscardi claimed to have captured a male Bigfoot – but that also turned out to have been a hoax.

News of the latest alleged find was revealed last week by Matt Whitton, a police officer, and Rick Dyer, a former prison officer, who claimed to have stumbled across Bigfoot’s body while out hiking.

The pair described the creature as weighing over 560lb (255kg), with huge feet like a person’s and reddish hair.

Bigfoot experts reacted with suspicion and the story soon began to unravel.

Yesterday, Steve Kulls, the host of Squatch Radio, a US internet radio station dedicated to Bigfoot, revealed the deceit. “On August 16, the freezer containing the alleged corpse arrived with the Searching For Bigfoot team,” he said.

“The ice was being thawed slowly, and the following day we were up early to discover that some hair was now exposed. I extracted some from the alleged corpse, examined it and had some concerns.”

The team decided to burn a sample, which – unlike hair, but like a synthetic material – melted into a ball.

“Within the next hour of thaw, a break appeared up near the feet area,” Kulls said.

“As the team and I began examining this area near the feet, I observed the foot – which looked unnatural – reached in, and confirmed it was a rubber foot.

“Later that day, we were informed that Mr Whitton and Mr Dyer had admitted it was a costume.”

Telephone calls to Whitton and Dyer went unreturned, but the voicemail recording for their Bigfoot Tip Line had been updated to say that the duo were also looking for dinosaurs.

NEWS SOURCE:  Searching for Bigfoot

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