Stock Market Roller-Coaster Ride Redefines Penny Stocks

Peter Leeds buttonStock Market Roller-Coaster Ride Redefines Penny Stocks
Peter Leeds, the Penny Stock Financial Analyst Sees Bright Lights Where Others Only Doom and Gloom.

NEW YORK, NY (RUSHPRNEWS) August 30, 2007 -Recent stock market volatility has caused some small and mid-cap companies to dip in and out of penny stock territory, on a day-to-day, and even hourly basis.  This ebb and flow is giving astute penny stock investors the chance to snap up solid undervalued companies at bargain prices. Peter Leeds ( ), the financial industry’s leading penny stock analyst believes that today’s market is, despite the apparent doom and gloom, a very positive one to invest in.  The panic selling that is currently taking place, he says has opened a window for bargain hunting.  “The negative news and fear is factored in to the price of most stocks, so investors may be getting good value at these lower prices,” Leeds commented.  Most notably, there are a lot of great companies out there whose share price has dipped into the penny stock range.  Companies that would otherwise be out of reach to most penny stock investors are for the time being, more affordable.



A solid company with a huge cash position and no long-term debt, iPAS Inc. (IPAS – Nasdaq) is a great example of an undervalued company currently trading in the penny stock range.  After fourth months of trending steadily higher, iPAS’s share price dipped from a high near $5.60 down to the $4.10 range.


Sharper Image Corp.’s (SHRP– Nasdaq) share price has also been beaten down lately, having traded near $10.00 for much of the last 12 months.  Over the last 8 weeks however, Sharper Image’s share price has dipped under $5.00.  While the class-action lawsuit is something to keep an eye on and any slow down in the retail sector, Sharper Image continues to have great potential.  


Another terrific company is Design Within Reach Inc. (DWRI– Nasdaq).  The company recently reported solid second quarter results and narrowed its net losses.  Design Within Reach is a good company to keep your eye on because part of their ‘discount price’ is due to panic selling in anything to do with home renovations, decoration, building, and mortgages.


Most analysts don’t think the opportunity for bargain hunting will last for long.  “Panic selling is pretty much over, which means it won’t take long until investors begin to look at the economy intelligently, instead of emotionally,” said Leeds.  


Keep in mind, this is the stock market and, it is unpredictable; some think it will get worse before it gets better.  Commenting on the markets silver lining, Leeds added, “It’s important to remember the stock market always bounces back; which bodes well for calmer, more informed penny stock investors.” 



About Peter Leeds:
Peter Leeds, CEO of is also a successful book author. Leeds is widely known in the industry as the Penny Stocks Pro, a reputation built on giving clear and informed financial guidance based on years of investing in penny stocks, a passion that started at the young age of fourteen when he invested and lost the hard-earned sum of $3,800.

From this modest beginning to today’s own financial success, Leeds learned by mistake and developed LEEDS ANALYSIS, a proprietary system of analysis which enables him to pick winners in the penny stock market and make suggestions in his newsletter.

Leeds has helped thousands of others achieve their dreams of greater wealth by subscribing to the newsletter. He is often called upon by major news media to serve as a financial analyst .

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