Singles King of NYC Reign Over Dating Scene

The Singles King of NYC available for Valentines Day interviews –
NEW YORK (Rushprnews) February 04, 2008 – If you are a single professional in New York and looking to make that special match, find new friends, network or just enjoy life, The New York Social Networks’ Dave Cervini has over 40 reasons for you to smile between NOW and Valentine’s Day.

Cervini, a former New York City on air personality and Marketing Manager at NY stations 103.5 and 105.1 left the industry 4 years ago to concentrate on bringing Single Professionals in New York City together.

Between The New York Social Network, 8 Minute “Speed” Dating, and the Holy Trinity Contemporary Catholics, Mr Cervini has over 40 events planned between January 30th and February 14th, for people to come together in many different situations. Cooking classes, wine events, speed dating, Superbowl parties, Mardi Gras events, group dinners, city tours, concerts, and more are all split up between the different organizations.

“Between helping people to fulfill their New Years Eve Resolutions and Valentine’s Day, we are almost as busy as Santa on December 24th”! Says Cervini. “I came to this city 12 years ago looking for new friends, companies like The New York Social Network did not exist back then, now with people working long hours, it is easier for them to have us to help plan their social and romantic lives”!

The New York Social Network is the main focus of Mr. Cervini’s work. NYSN plans different types of social activities throughout New York for single young professionals almost every night of the week. Mr Cervini also attends almost every event he plans between the 5 “groups” that operate under his supervision!

Dave has also just started doing a “one” man show where he speaks of all the fun, crazy and sad stories that he has seen in his years of doing these events from people getting married (33 couple so far), to people having sex at events, to amazing friendships being formed and thousands of dollars raised for many charities.

Mr. Cervini is available anytime to discuss these activities or the state of the dating scene in NYC.

Dave Cervini

212-873-2256 –W

646-418-1098 -C



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