Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon: My Secret Fight against Breast Cancer

by Viola Stephens for Hollywood Today 

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) 5/17/08– She kept it a secret for a year and a half. Now, while promoting Sex and the City, actress Cynthia Nixon revealed that she won her fight against breast cancer.  “It was during a routine doctors visit. I had a mammogram done which showed a little lump. If you catch it early enough there is a 98% chance of survival”.

Now cancer free, Nixon admits she felt scared at the time and didn’t want to go public. “I really didn’t want any paparazzi circling the hospital . There was already so much media attention when I first started dating my girlfriend. So I thought I keep my condition quiet.”

During her battle, Nixon, an Emmy and Tony winner ,was supported by Christine Marinoni, her partner for four years. “She was so afraid but tried to calm herself as much as she could.”

Being diagnosed with breast cancer wasn’t a complete shock to the 42 year old actress since the disease is running in her family. Her mother, Ann, successfully beat cancer twice, first time 30 years ago.

Recently Nixon was named the new spokesperson for Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, the world’s largest breast cancer advocacy organization. As an ambassador for this organization she will educate people on the disease, and raise media attention on the subject matter. “I just feel I have a really good story to tell. Rather than frightening people, it should calm them down and encourage to go get their check-up”.

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