Schwarzenegger Goes Green For UK Parliement Goes Green For UK Parliement
By Lagan Sebert HollywoodToday

 HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushprnews) 4/11/07 — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is nothing if he is not original. The hummer driving, bodybuilding, steroid pioneering, action movie making, mean Green Republican governor of California, will deliver a keynote address on climate change to members of British parliament at the Tory Party conference in October.

David Cameron, leader of the conservative Tory Party said Schwarzenegger had shown tremendous leadership in pioneering measures to protect the environment. Under Schwarzenegger’s leadership, California has imposed the toughest emissions standards in the country, and brokered emissions agreements with both Baja California and British Columbia. Arnold has previously worked with Cameron’s political rival Tony Blair to sign a joint accord promoting research into cleaner burning fuels and alternative energy technologies. Schwarzenegger in his derivative self-referencing manner called Blair a “real action hero,” due to his commitment to the environment. The UK’s attention to Schwarzenegger has helped cement his status as both an environmental and political heavyweight on the international level.

There are few governors that make keynote addresses in England, but then again Arnold is not used to adhering to the norm. With a presidential race out of the question due to his Austrian heritage, Arnold seems to be taking a Gore course and focusing even more on environmental issues. He has recently enlisted four western states to cooperate in carbon trading programs, which aim to decrease industrial emissions.

In the same environmental activist vain, Schwarzenegger has recently cooperated with MTV’s reality show “Pimp My Ride” to convert a gas guzzling 65 Chevy Impala into a pumped up biodiesel with a brand new 800HP engine, providing an environmental option for even the most muscle bound American cars. It’s the same kind of engine that the Governator put in one of his Hummers. Schwarzenegger commented that driving his biodiesel smells like French fries, which would be makes sense since the car runs on excess oil from local fast food restaurants.

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