Run this Ad Before Congress Lets Them Drill

WASHINGTON, DC (RUSHPRNEWS) JULY 24, 2008–The next few days could be our last, best chance to stop Congress from opening our nation’s magnificent coastlines to the very real threat of a devastating oil spill.

That’s why the NRDC Action Fund has produced a game-changing ad to save our coasts from this corporate-sponsored raid. And we need your immediate help to run it.

Click here to read the ad — and then please donate to get our message out.

Members of both parties are clamoring for legislation that would lift the ban on drilling off the spectacular seashores of California, Florida, New England and elsewhere. President Bush is fanning those flames by promising Americans lower gas prices if we sacrifice our coasts to Big Oil.

That’s a lie. But if we don’t expose that lie quickly — and unmask it as the corporate giveaway it really is — then Congress may well cave under enormous and growing pressure.

Our hard-hitting ad uncovers Bush’s snake oil and challenges the House and Senate to embrace cleaner, cheaper energy now.

We need to raise $100,000 to place this important ad in the The Washington Post and Roll Call, the influential Capitol Hill newspaper, in the next several days. That kind of blanket coverage can help us turn the tide in Congress.

You can make it happen. If just 4,000 supporters like you donate $25 each, we can make sure that Bush’s lie is exposed — and that Big Oil’s land grab fails.

Read the ad and help us run it.

How do we know that Bush’s plan for lowering gas prices is nothing more than snake oil? Look at the facts: since 2003, permits for domestic drilling have nearly doubled under Bush’s “Drill Anywhere” energy policy. Have oil and gas prices gone down?

No! They’ve skyrocketed.

Congress and the American people need to know that opening our greatest coastlines to an invasion of oil rigs will enrich oil companies. It will lead to oil spills. And it will worsen our addiction to oil. The one thing it will NOT do is lower gas prices.

We need your immediate support to broadcast that message far and wide — and intensively on Capitol Hill — over the next two critical weeks.

Your donation will also help us make the case in Congress that a bold new approach to clean energy — including plug-in hybrids, electric cars, and a cleaner power grid — could allow Americans to drive at the equivalent of $1 per gallon!

So please, make an emergency contribution that will expose Bush’s big lie for the corporate giveaway it is — and save our coasts from a senseless and catastrophic oil spill.

Thank you for standing with us at this crucial moment for America’s environment.


Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund


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