Rev. Run & Justine Simmons’ Book Makes NY Times Best Seller List

Run & Justine Simmons'By Erin T. McMillon

NEW YORK, (RUSHPRNEWS)August 26, 2008–America’s favorite family, The Simmons’, is busy making chess moves. Rev. Run and Justine Simmons’ book, Take Back Your Family, has just hit the New York Times bestseller list, topping out at number 15 on the Hardcover Advice books list. According to Run, the book is in line with the message he tries to convey on his successful MTV reality show, “Run’s House.”

“My whole show is a ministry, Rev. Run told “I don’t have a church that I’m the pastor of. So in my mind, I’m a very untraditional reverend. And my pulpit just happens to be MTV, which is a very different type of congregation.”

When asked about the recent media attention his children, most notably Angela and Vanessa, have been getting Run put things in perspective in typical Rev. Run fashion.

“People are showing me blog things, and I’m like what do you want me to look at,” the Rev said. “There’s nothing to see. What is she not supposed to talk to guys? There’s nothing I can do but let guys be guys, let girls be girls; let JoJo put his album out, and [let them] live their life. That’s all I can do is raise them the best that I can, and watch them operate in this world without cramping their style… I’ve been blessed with kids that are smart, and they’re not followers, they’re leaders. They’re not really caught up in the whole game like that. They move around. They’re basically good kids. It doesn’t guarantee anything, but I did the best I could and I do the best I can.”

Take Back Your Family is available for purchase at finer bookstores nationwide.

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